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The "Other" Home //

Onassis Cultural Foundation 2016 // 51st Dimitria 2016

What role does imagination play in the real world? How can it shape personal and public space? What is a ‘home’? Is a person with disabilities free to mould the environment in which they live? Is the welfare system equipped to cater for individual needs and desires? And who’s there to answer the anguished question every parent asks: “What will happen to my child when I am gone?”.

“The ‘Other’ Home” is the end results of months of research carried out by means of special workshops set up especially for the purpose and via questionnaires, group improvisations and interviews with people who find themselves in the difficult situation of living, without wanting to, outside the structure and protection of the family (in old people's homes, asylums, orphanages and other residential institutions). The production brings together society—the ‘big house’ in which we all live—and the ‘other’ home which society provides for vulnerable social groups, as well as the hopes, dreams, fears and expectations of En Dynamei’s members. Different views of a reality which usually remains hidden from sight are brought to light with a view to bridging the gap dividing us from the Other beside us.

Concept Eleni Dimopoulou

Direction & Music Eleni Efthymiou

Research & Text Writing Eleni Efthymiou & “En Dynamei” Ensemble

Dramaturgy Sophia Eftichiadou

Set Design Richard Anthony

Costumes Laura Anna Loukas

Lighting Design Sakis Birbilis

Choreography & Movement Coach Melpo Vasilikou, Vittoria Kotsalou

Visual Enviroment & Video Dimitris Zachos

Sound Design & Orchestration Odysseas Gkallios

Assistant To The Director Sofia Antoniou

Assistant To The Set Designer Zoi Tzika

Assistant To The Costume Designer Sofia Patsinakidou

Sewing Paraskevi Orfanidou

Projection Mapping Spiros Koudounas

Animation Tatiana Eikosidyou

Director Of Photography (Video) Mihalis Giagkounidis, Iordanis Theodosiadis, Vasilis Christodoulou 

Assistant To The Sound Designer Giorgos Cholopoulos 

Artistic Collaboration Aggeliki Mousiou


Musicians at the recording

Traianos Albanoudis (Double Bass), Dimitrios Polizoidis (Cello ), Periklis Vrahnos (Violin), Sergios Dimopoulos (Accordion), Maria Milaraki (Piano), Minas Tsavdaris-Vallianos (Clarinet), Stelios Tsairidis (Trumpet), Vasilis Voudouris (Guitar)


Original Composition For "I Want By Myself", "Loss" And "I Want To Be Able To Want-Dance" By Odysseas Gkallios


Artistic director of "En Eynamei" Ensemble Eleni Dimopoulou



Clio Antonopoulou, Vaso Asikoglou, Maria Dachlithra, Eleftheria Drakoulidou, Margarita Kainada, Anna Kalincheva, Anastasia Kariofilli, Evaggelia Kariofilli, Maria Koltsida, Vagelis Kosmidis, Ilias Kougioumtzis, Giota Kouitzoglou, Nikos Kyparissis, Aggelos Konstantinou, Loxandra Lucas, Dimitris Lyras, Dimitris Mexis, Thanos Nanasis, Michalis Dolopoulos, Dinos Papageorgiou, Vassilis Petrou, Zoi Tzika, Alexandros Hatsios

Production Onassis Stegi

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