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φωτογραφία του Δημήτρη Χονδροπήδα

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Who we are


We are a collective of artists with and without disabilities. Through our activities we propose a new model of art and life, where the "unfamiliar", the "strange", the "different" and the "foreign" are expressed through the uniqueness and integrated into the whole, whilst strengthening it. Basic tools of this are Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, and Accessibility. Our work is based on equality amongst all our members, attempting to inspire other people to stop perceiving the social system in a stereotypical way and conventional form. Using research of new methods of communication as a basic tool we organize and produce entire artistic proposals in the field of visual arts, theatre, music and multi media arts. We are in permanent collaboration with professionals from various artistic fields, and actively participate in events and festivals in Greece and abroad. Under our artistic director Eleni Dimopoulou we work from our base in Thessaloniki.

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Our story


The group was founded in 2008 by Eleni Dimopoulou and Maria Ioannidou with the main intention the significant and dignified integration of people with disabilities into society. The activities of the group began with the aim of creating, organizing, developing and promoting various educational, sports, entertainment, social, artistic and general cultural activities. Since the beginning we are in collaboration with various organizations in the city of Thessaloniki ie: "American School of Agriculture", "Mantoulidis Schools", Theatrical workshop "Iris" of the Municipality of Pavlos Melas, the cultural center of the Municipality of Panorama, NGO "Raft in the City", International Baccalaureate department of "Anatolia" College, percussion workshop "Kroustofono", Theater School "Andreas Voutsinas", Helexpo etc. From the founding of the group until today, we organize artistic workshops that operate on an annual study cycle. Our permanent collaborators are renowned musicians, visual artists, gymnasts, actors, directors, cooks, gardeners, potters and many other professionals. The moral and material support of the group comes from the members, the friends of the team and those who wish to assist in achieving its goals. Since 2014 the group is established as an Association and with this legal entity operates until today.

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Ensemble's Aims


Our aim is the members of "En Dynamei" Ensemble to acquire a variety of experiences that will give them the opportunity of socialization, recognition and practical utilization of their abilities. Our belief is the idea of equal opportunities and equal treatment. For that we develop our actions not based on the differences that distance us, but taking into account the internal and external needs as well as the predispositions, inclinations, diversity and interests of all team members. Through the almost daily coexistence of the members of the Ensemble and the establishment of commonly accepted rules of that lifestyle, the improvement of the interpersonal relations is achieved as well as the cultivation and development of individual skills of all members that contribute to successful integration into society.

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Ensemble's Resume


  • (2008-2010) Morning Star, by nobel prize winner Odysseas Elitis, Theatrical performance, directed by Eleni Dimopoulou,

  • (2010-2013) I thought you were a stranger, directed by Eleni Dimopoulou,

  • (2013-2014) The Kyrani of the forest, directed by Eleni Dimopoulou,

  • (2014-present) The Fan Man or How to Dress an Elephant, directed by Eleni Efthymiou, Region theatres of Greece 2014-present, Athens Festival 2015, Créarc Festival - Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen 2018, Our Stage - 4. Europäisches Bürgerbühnen 2019

  • (2015) Home? The Little-Little Home, art exhibition, curated by Thouli Misirloglou, Richard Anthony, Maria Kavalioti, Dimitris Zachos, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art 2016, Eye's Walk Festival in Syros 2017,

  • (2015) Strength or Weakness, a publicised literature book, Colibri Branding and Design, Bronze Design Award at the Vienna European Awards,

  • (2016) The “Other” Home, directed by Eleni Efthymiou, Onassis Cultural Foundation 2016, 51st Thessaloniki 2016,

  • (2017) Tempus, Music project in progress, Music design by Odysseas Gallios, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 2017

  • (2019) SIGNS, art exhibition curated by Richard Anthony, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art 2019,

  • (2018-present) Horses in Love, directed by Eleni Efthymiou, National Theater of Northern Greece - 4th Forest Festival 2018, Athens Festival 2019.

  • (2021-present) Goutou Goupatou, written by Alexandros Papadiamantis, directed by Giorgos-Zisis Bilionis, performances for schools all over Greece.


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