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Houses without walls 30/4.

Day Thursday of the week.

Day 39 of quarantine.

In four days we'll be out of our houses. For most of us. Because we have to. But some people still have to stay in. Because they

they have to. Some others might stay in because they want to. And some others because they were always in.

 Where Are you? where would you like to be? and where can you be;


Flashback: 23/3-18/4.

Sofia Bletsou  is in her village. She feels lonely..- like everyone does??? - She moves from shock to denial from denial to acceptance and from acceptance to beauty and back to contemplation ... 

19/4. Sofia, in order to communicate with  her friends of  En dynamei ensemble  - who also felt lonely (in the midst of quarantine) she asks them:

What does home mean for you?She discovers  together with her own friends, they all dream of a home of their own, without walls, inclusive.












Hoping that all people will one day be able to have their own “true home”. And hoping that-someday-all together, as a society, will be able to build a home that will include us all in.

The inspiration for this video project was a song from the performance " the other Home " of En dynamei ensemble directed by Eleni Efthymiou - Onassis Cultural Centre -raising the question:"What does home mean".

Team members, collaborators, partners and friends "meet" and give their own answers.

Video credits:

Artistic Direction: Eleni Dimopoulou

Conception-Idea: Sofia Bletsu

Director-Editing: Dimitris Zachos

Lyrics-Music: Eleni Efthymiou

Organization-coordination: Eleni Dimopoulou, Sofia Bletsou


Angelos Konstantinou, Athena Sotiroglou, Alexandros Hatsios, Anastasia Karyofyllis, Anna Kalintseva, Vangelis Kosmidis, Vasilis Petrou, Vasso Asikoglou Vitoria Kotsalou, George Bilionis, Danae Tsorlini, Despina Trantafyllidou, Dimitris Zachos, Dimitris Lyras, Eleni Dimopoulou, Eleni Efthymiou, Eleftheria Drakoulidou, Evangelia Kirkine, Evangelina Karyofyllis, Euterpe Costas, Elias Kougioumtzis, Thanos Nanasis, Theano Konta, Theano Papavassiliou, Theocharis Bayraktaridis, Cleo Antonopoulou, Loxandra Lucas, Margarita Kainada, Maria Dachlithra, Maria Ioannidou, Maria Koltsida, Michalis Dolopoulos, Nikos Kousoulis, Nikos Kyparissis, Noemi Vasileiadou, Dinos Papageorgiou, Odysseas Galios, Panagiota Quitzoglou, Panagiotis Tsouroupidis, Richard Anthony, Sofia Eftiadou, Sofia Bletsou, Tasos Papadopoulos, Harris Serdaris, Christos Sioumis, Chrysa Gouma


Vangelis Arvanitis, Katerina Gagaki, Costas Iordanou, Maria Kavaliotis, Panagiotis Ioannidis, Paulina Gioltzoglou, Sophia Dengopoulou, Fanny Boudouroglou

Special thanks to friends of En Dynamei ensemble:

gifts Barreka, Thomas Vasileiadis, Ioanna Papanikolaou, Katerina Kyparissi, Kyriakos Iliadis, Lena Gadias, Makis Beroukis, Maria Hela, Michaela Kontou, Myrto Costas, Nicanor Bilionis, Panagiotis-Dimitris Lyras, Sofia Kyrina, Sofia Patsinakidou, Sofia Tagtalenidou, Stavroula Dolopoulos, Haris Tzortzakis, for their participation.

A big house. A house without  doors and windows. Where loved and happy people

live, kiss, hug and share the same sky.

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