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an exhibition by ‘En dynamei’ ensemble at the MOMus Museum of Contemporary Art.


A participatory, artistic, interactive installation, which emerged following many months of group research on the subject of mapping signs. Here ‘En dynamei’ ensemble focuses its interest on the concepts of the known and the unknown. What do they mean and how does everyone manage these opposites? What exists between the known and the unknown, the familiar and the unfamiliar? Space, time, emotions, thoughts. How does each of us map the world, themselves, their neighborhood? What are the signs that onedetects and recognizes in order to reach their destination, the familiar, the known.


Creative Team

Artistic Direction: Eleni Dimopoulou. 

Curator-art director: Richard Anthony. 

Visual design-implementation: Vagelis Arvanitis, Fani Boudouroglou, Katerina Gagaki,Richard Anthony. 

Artistic Collaborators: Katerina Bakaliou, Faethon Vandoros.

Sound design: Odysseas Gkallios. 

Video: Panos Boudouroglou, Dimitris Zahos. 

Architectural elements-Visual communication: loopostudio. 

Text - research: En dynamei ensemble.

Coordinator: Annie Willis


The inauguration of the exhibition took place on November 9, 2018


Participants of En Dynamei Ensemble

Klio Antonopoulou, Noemi Vasiliadoy, Chryssa Gouma

Sofia Dagkopoulou, Maria Dachlithra, Marina Theo

Panagiotis Ioannidis, Margarita Kainada, Anna Kalincheva, 

Theano Konta, Nikos Kiparissis, Euterpi Kosta, Loxandra, Lucas, Dimitris Liras, Dimitris Mexis, Sofia Mpletsou

Thanos Nanasis, Michalis Ntolopoulos, Theano Papavasileiou, 

Maria-Nefeli Paraskevopoulou, Charis Serdari, Lili Stravopodi, Natasa Topaltziki, Despina Triantafillidoy

Danai Tsorlini, Alexandros Chatsios, Maria Chriistofidou


Once I lost my way downtown because I could not find Agia Sofia but I stopped, calmed and kept going. After I read the street sign and found it. 


I was lost in city center when we went with my mother to regional Social Security Agency (IKA), I felt overwhelmed but now I am alive. 


If I lose my way, I will see the blue street sign writing Orfeos Street

The space in between. The world is divided to the known one and the unknown.

A distinction so clear, strictly spatial, geographical as well as fictional.

The distance between to what I know and to what I do not know. 

The space where my reality changes. The map.

The way I can identify the world. My cosmology.The relationships.

The container/ Something that contains, that accepts my. What I receive and what I consciously or unconsciously reject. The unknown. 

Things that I do not know, what I cannot even imagine. Signs.

Photos & artwork

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