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The Fan Man or How to dress an Elephant //

Melina Mercouri Theatre, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2015, Tour in theatres of Northen Greece, Crearc Festival of Grenoble,54th dEMETRIA, Our Stage – 4. Europäisches Bürgerbühnenfestival Dresden.

«Who really am I?»
A result of many months of collective work, En Dynamei's Ensemble performance talks about diversity as something normal and turns its back on stereotypes and discrimination.


"The members of the ensemble, people with or without disabilities, share personal stories, fears and feelings in a performance directed by the talented Eleni Efthymiou. "The Fan Man" thrills the audience and stands out for his aesthetics.  En Dynamei Ensemble was founded in 2008 by Eleni Dimopoulou and Maria Ioannidou, with the belief that life is better when you share it creatively. Since then it has not stopped surprising us!"

The performance is based on a series of everyday, "separate" stories about disability, diversity and the people around it. All the moments that structure the narrative of the show are inspired by the true stories of the people who represent them. Everyday life, through songs, poems and images is presented in a poetic way. This is the way to talk about the unspoken. The theatrical form is mixed with documentary elements and the heroes are introduced with their real name trying to answer the crucial question "who really am I?".
Through the performance, the members the ensemble were given the common place to create from the beginning a new language of communication, a language that will push the viewer to distance himself from his prejudices and stereotypes, to see that the points that unite him with the "other" and the "different" are ultimately more than what separates him from it. The final composition of the text came from the members of the group (people with and without disabilities), who composed a complete dramatic and aesthetic performance, the result of many months and collective work, which reveals the power that "togetherness" has to overcome obstacles and harmoniously incorporate every different aspect of human nature.
En Dynamei Ensemble is a group of young artists with and without disabilities. It was founded by Eleni Dimopoulou and Maria Ioannidou in 2008 in Thessaloniki in order to support and facilitate its members to integrate equally into society. "The Fan Fan or How to Dress an Elephant" arose from the overwhelming need of the ensemble to openly share their own stories and explore personal and universal aspects of human individuality through the prism of an artistic event and it is the first part of the theatrical trilogy entitled
"The Other the Normal".

Artistic director, concept Eleni Dimopoulou

Direction, music Eleni Efthymiou

Scenography, costume designe, masks Elisavet Antapasi

Light designe Richard Anthony

Video Dimitris Zachos

Assistant to the director Vangelis Kosmidis

Production organization Fotini Tsakiri, George Zisis Bilionis

Photos Light 16 Ensemble, Photis Natsioulis, Dionisis Metaxas, Sophia Kyrina


Klio Antonopoulou, Vaso Asikoglou, Noemi Vasiliadou, Chrisa Gkouma, Maria Dachlithra, Eleftheria Drakoulidou, Themis Theocharoglou, Margarita Kainada, Dimitris Kalagkanis, Kimon Kalagkanis, Anna Kalincheva, Anastasia Kariofilli, Evangelina Kariofilli, Maria Koltsida, Theano Konta, Vangelis Kosmidis, Elias Kougioumtzis, Giota Kouitzoglou, Nikos Kiparisis, Parmenion Kyriakoulis, Efterpi Kosta, Loxandra Lucas, Dimitris Mexis, Angeliki Mousiou, George Zisis Bilionis, Sophia Bletsou, Thanos Nanasis, Michalis Ntolopoulous, Charis Serdari, Christos Sioumis, Athena Sotiroglou, Despina Triantafillidou, Danai Tsorlini, Theano Papavisiliou, Chrysa Papadopoulou, Vasilis Petrou, Alexandros Chatsios, Anna Hege, Christos Christakopoulos.

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