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my dreaming wall

En Dynamei Ensemble dreams on.

What if one day you woke up and you were a cartoon? If you learned to play the harp? If you made people laugh? Will you tear the very expensive curtain? Will you look me in the eyes?

Close your eyes for a while and try to imagine. How much "I want to" can you fit in a 3x2.3 wall? How is a sea hidden inside an apartment building in Svolou Street?

Now open them.

En Dynamei Ensemble invites you to meet its new art project "My Dreaming Wall", a wall full of big and small dreams that we see when we are not sleeping. A hazy and ordinary wall that 'potentially' can become a lively sea, in which the waves host the most ordinary and the most unusual I want.

A wall, which is definitely not a wall, but an underwater dream journey, in which of course you can catch a cloud, count all the stars in the sky, become anything you dream of.

With the wishes and dreams of its members, En Dynamei Ensemble welcomes the year 2021, with the hope that by the end of it we may have counted all the stars in the sky.


Art curation: Richard Anthony, Evangelia Kirkine

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