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Home? The little-little house

Macedonian Museum of Modern Arts //1-2.2016

The modern cultural installation “ Home? the little - little house” is a try to define the self, the desires and the dreams, out of the social frame that imposes all of us to see ourselves, our desires, our dreams, our space. En Dynamei Ensemble, at its researching route towards the performance  “The “other” home”, chose to express  itself , firstly with the visual language in order to give form to its thoughts and ideas. The visual approach, in combination with the technology, turned out totally appropriate for a new experiential exploration, where the feelings and desires En Dynamei ensemble’s artists create a direct dialogue of reactions and incentives. This visual suggestion was adopted from the Macedonian Museum of Modern as Arts as a truly interesting experiment and was exposed at the facilities of the museum from 29 of January until 15 of February. The artistic curation of the project, was undertaken by the Art Historian Thouli Musirloglou.

Note from  the visual art’s curator Thouli Musirloglou

“This venture practically raises questions around on self construction,  sets issues of identity in a larger and broader context than the ordinary limits of the contemporary art. If contemporary art is the vehicle for different experiences of the world, project “Home? The little- little house” can decisively contribute to this direction and enrich the environment of the contemporary cultural creation and its intake.”

"In the evening I dreamed of it, my little house, my home, a smell that somehow reminds you of it, it lifts the imagination and disturbs you, but it also causes  anxiety like any new and unknown. Homes, where the children are children, whose imagination is not cowardly like mine, who dare to sleep on flying carpets, to become acrobats in a red circus, and to destroy walls so that the wild animals of the forest can nest in the blanket. So, to convert the flight of imagination to matter." 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Polina Gialtzoglou

 The visual facility was authored in three steps:


Stage 1

 We follow a journey that includes personal interviews with members of the team, creative discussion, the construction of a model and then its transformation into real size in order to create a new reality, a new little, little world. The ‘home’ they dream to live in.


Stage 2

 After the construction of the model, the team prepares in real size the room as imagined by each creator. Thanks to specially designed equipment, the film team will record a 3D video of the artist’s first contact with the location and their own personal exploration within. The process is further documented with pictures and videos capturing the participants alive inside the little, little home of their dreams.

Stage 3

 The photography group has already visited more than 50 homes, recording details showing the ‘diversity’ as expressed through the inhabitants and their personal belongings. This collection of personal stories forms a facet of the exhibition. We thank all the inhabitants of the homes that we photographed.

Where would you like to live? How do you imagine your dream space? Where do you feel most happiness, joy, confidence? You can build whatever you dream!

In the homes abide: 

Dimitris Kalankanis, Kimon Kalankanis, Cleo Antonopoulou, Yiota Kouitzoglou, Vaso Asikoglou, Elias Kougioumtzis, Nikos Kuparissis, Efterpi Kosta, Loxandra Loukas, Anna Kalincheva, Anastasia Kariofulli, Euagelina Kariofulli, Parmenion Kuriakoulis, Michalis Ntolopoulos, Maria Dalchithra, Eleutheria Drakoulidou, Vasilis Petrou, Margarita Kainada, Vagelis Kosmidis, Thanos Nanasis, Dimitris Mexis, Maria Koltsida, Chrysa Papadopoulou, Michaela Papadimitriou, Lora Loukas, Kostas Iordanou, Theodora Perdi, Lampros Flioukas, Leonidas Bilis, Dimitra Tsokou, Bruce Willis, Orestis Dimopoulos, Stefanos Kainadas, Dimitris Kavaliotis, Margarita Sakellari, Anna Hege, Aggeliki Mousiou. 


Co-founder and artistic Director: Eleni Dimopoulou

Curator: Thouli Mursiloglou

Production designer: Richard Anthony

Video director: Dimitris Zachos 

3d Video and Installation Programming: Babis Venetopoulos

Visual Design-Implementation: Ioannis Ergeletzis

Texts- Composer: Eleni Efthymiou

Sound Designer: Odysseas Gkalios

Photography Designer: Evangelina Kariofilli  

Production Manager: Kostas Iordanou 

Cultural and Anthropological research: Polina Gioltzoglou

Set designer Assistant: Katerina Koliopoulou

Production Assistant: Carin Kazepidou 

Special constructions: Laura Anna Lucas


Special thanks to:

George Paraskevopoulos- Q Sound & Light, Nektarios Basdekis -Studio43, Michalis Gatzogias, Iordanis Theodosiadis, Lampros Flioukas, Leonidas Beilis, Vaggelis Kasapakis, Dionysis Metaxas - team Light 16, Christos Chelmis, George Kogias. 

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