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«AS IT IS» #COVID19 On-Going Project

An illustrated depiction of our reality, now that the experiences are common.



April 2020.

Athena Sotiroglou and Evangelina Karyophyllis are quarantined.

The horizon of compulsory residence at home is still unclear.

They try to abstract themselves and define their daily lives 

What are the similarities among  the people it might  concern

This is how a new project is born starring the En dynamei ensemble 

Inspiration for the project is Michael Kliën's text "the story of the polar bear".

Unsung heroes, "polar bears", isolated in their space, common actions shared with content necessarily banal. The way everyone really is. It is this poetry of senselessness, routine, confinement and loneliness that motivates young artists to depict people in an uncertain moment of humanity. Every week a new hero is added to the collection. Until this loneliness is absorbed by collective subjectivity.

"I do not know whether you are familiar with the story of the polar bear who lived in a very small cage. When they let it circulate in a larger enclosure, it continued to move in the previous spatial frame, from left to right again, just as it had been used to. So this bear Is Us!

Stuck to the standards formed from our birth, we carry rules that are not our own. And the rules have this awesome feature, they can largely define us. We Mad Men, reserved in ourselves, we accept errors as Truth, lies as Reality, violence and ugliness as Beauty and Justice. Enclosed walls continue to rise, dull our minds.»

(Excerpt from the text of Michael Kliën " the story of the polar bear»)

Credits of the project:

Conception-Idea: Athena Sotiroglou, Evangelina Karyophyllis, Eleni Dimopoulou

Illustration: Athena Sotiroglou, Evangelina Karyophyllis, Orestis Dimopoulos

Coordination-Organization: Eleni Dimopoulou

Editing by Eleni Efthymiou, Haris Serdari, Noemi Vassiliadou, George Zisis Bilionis

Pictured heroes: Members of En dynamei ensemble 

Στιγμιότυπο 2017-12-17, 11.31.23 μμ_edit
Hero 1.
Mihalis Ntolopoulos
Heroine 2.
Loxandra Lucas
Heroine 3.
Chrysa Gkouma
Heroine 4.
Kleio Antonopoulou
Hero 5.
Vangelis Kosmidis
Hero 6.
Alexandros Xatsios
Heroine 7.
Anna Kalincheva
Hero 8.
Christos Sioumis
Heroine 9.
Margarita Kainada
Heroine 10.
Charis Serdari
Hero 11.
George Zisis Bilionis
Heroine 12.
Danae Tsorlini
Heroine 13.
Sofia Bletsou
Hero 14.
Theocharis Bairaktaridis
Heroine 15.
Noemi Vasiliadou
Hero 16.
Thanos Nanasis
Heroine 17.
Efterpi Kosta
Heroine 18.
Dimtiris Lyras
Heroine 19.
Theano Papavasiliou
Heroine 20.
Theano Konta
Heroine 21.
Evangelina Kariophilli
Hero 22.
Angelos Konstantinou
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