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A video with shots and voices by the members of En Dynamei, a group consisting of artists with and without disabilities, about what is coming, what is leaving, the dreams we have in our sleep and what we do when we are awake. For all that we expect and we are waiting for, that we forget and desire. To be together, to unite. I close my eyes and I get lost. I dream and I get lost. I dream of going to Antarctica, of becoming a teacher, of dancing together. To attract and find others to unite, and if we can not attract others at least to meet at the North or South Pole. Everything and somewhere will bring us our dreams.



Artistic director of En Dynamei Ensemble: Eleni Dimopoulou

Production director: George-Zisis Bilionis

Idea-creation: Thomas Vasileiadis, Sofia Kyrina, Panayiotis Matziris, George-Zisis Bilionis, Maria-Tarsi Chela

Texts: En Dynamei Ensemble

Text composition: Thomas Vasileiadis, Sofia Kyrina, Panayiotis Matziris, George-Zisis Bilionis, Maria-Tarsi Chela

Musical composition and mixing: Noemi Vasileiadou

Video editing: Thomas Vasileiadis

Sound recording: Sofia Kyrina, Panayiotis Matziris, Maria-Tarsi Chela

Translation (in English): Richard Anthony, Phaethon Vandoros

Subtitling: George-Zisis Bilionis


Voices of members and friends of the En dynamei ensemble:

Bruce Willis, Cleo Antonopoulou, Vasiliki Asikoglou, Phaethon, Thomas Vasileiadis, Noemi Vasileiadou, Maria Dachlithra, Eleni Efthimiou, Agapi Theodoridou-Kounini, Konstantina Iakovou, Margarita Kainada, Anna Kalincheva, Anastasia Kariophilli, Evangelina Kariophilli, Maria Koltsida, Theano Konta, Michaela Kontou, Vangelis Kosmidis, Elias Kouyoumtzis, Nikos Kiparissis, Sofia Kyrina, Sofia Konstantinidou, Angelos Konstantinou, Efterpi Costa, Loxandra Lucas, Dimitris Liras, Panayiotis Matziris, Theocharis Bairaktaridis, George-Zisis Bilionis, Nikanoras Bilionis, Sofia Bletsou, Thanos Nanasis, Michalis Ntolopoulos, Theano Papavasiliou, Konstantina Papakonstantinou, Vasilis Petrou, Mirto Pnevmatikaki, Charis Serdari, Athena Sotiroglou, Marialena Sotiroglou, Sofia Tagtalenidou, Danae Tsorlini, Maria-Tarsi Chela, Alexandros Chatsios


Special thanks to Vasiliki Asikoglou,Laura-Anna Lucas and George Poulos for their videos shot from Australia and United Kingdom, Theocharis Bairaktaridis for his help during voice recording, Charis Serdari for her help at editing and Richard Anthony, Ioli Antonopoulou, Lena Gantia, Olga Drista, Maria Ioannidou, Mirto Costa, George Liras, Paraskevi Moraitou, Vasiliki Nanasi, Manolis Ntolopoulos, Stavroula Ntolopoulou, Kiki Spanomaridou, Yota Tzinou, Elias Tsorlini and Chrisa Chatzimichail for their help and support.

Available with subtitles.

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