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Strength or Weakness?

a book by En Dynamei Ensemble

Bronze Medal at the European Design Awards

A book with a ... hole.


A book different from different people that makes you look different.


A hole. Something that is missing. A gap. A weakness.


An opening. A way out. A strength.


A book with a hole. A mask, a pair of glasses, a way to see things differently inside her.


The illustrations by Analisa Asa were mixed and (kind of not)
matched with typographic distortions in a layout that looks chaotic
at first glance but manages to support the wealth of messages
and personal narrations of the En Dynamei members themselves.
According to Eleni Dimopoulou, their artistic director, this is a book 
”that assists readers to know us and helps them feel that diversity
is a normal case and situation, just as long as you approach it in a natural way”. 


The book’s title ”Strength or Weakness” is not present on the cover.
The ”hole” is there to portray the question -”is it something missing,
an omission, a weakness or a way out, an opening, a new angle, a strength?”


Before going through it, please raise it widespread to your eyes and look through it.
In front of a mirror the results will be far better, promise!

Artistic direction: Eleni Dimopoulou

Research: Eleni Dimopoulou, Eleni Efthymiou, Richard Anthony, Maria Kavalioti, Dimitris Zachos, Odysseas Gallios, Sofia Eftichiadou

Texts: En Dynamei Ensemble

Design: Colibri

Illustration: Analiza Aza

Content editing: Sofia Eftychiadou, Eleni Dimopoulou

With the kind sponsorship of the Traditional Dance Laboratory of Teachers and Kindergarten Teachers of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki Kostis Kairidis, Christoforos Kairidis SA


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